Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Confession of Cross Training Dropout

My marathon training has lacked one key element. At least in the "formal" sense. Sorry Coach Karl and Coach Jen.....I um, have been not so great in the cross-training department. But in my defense chasing after a four year old and three big dogs can count as cross-training. Today I decided this was going to be the week I follow my training plan to a T (hey, better late than never!) I found a Tone and Stretch aquatic class at the Firstenburg Center. It did however require me to get up at 6 am to get CB to school and me to the gym before work.

I am not a big fan of swimming, but this class was pretty good. When I got there I discovered that I was the youngest person there (by about 50 years....) So I spent 45 minutes doing some water aerobics and some good stretching. Best part was that I felt like I had an amazing workout!

Why is it that when the coaches tell you something they are always right?! I wish I would have started this a lot sooner, not because I think it would affect my training so much as it just feels good! So now I am on the hunt for another class to try and really integrate it into my training.

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