Monday, May 31, 2010

It's the Climb

Okay, I know I am 31 years old. But I must admit that I have a new favorite running song. Well, a new song that pushes me just a little harder when I feel like what is the point. Here it is Mylie Cyrus. Whew! Now that I have admitted it I feel so much better, the fear of being a closet Mylie fan is out.

One of the key points I remember from the Team in Training kick-off party was that my finishing time doesn't matter. The only person that cares how long it takes is me. To some running comes easily, their legs have no problem moving and their strides are nice and long. Me....running is a love/hate relationship, I have heavy, muscular and stubby legs and my stride is short. It takes me a long time to get where I am going. E and I can run the same distance and my short, stumpy legs are always way behind him and I spend a heck of a lot more energy to keep up. So when I run by myself I never notice, when I run by others I feel a little how do you say, inadequate. Well today was my first run since I had the flu and my body had no problem letting me know. The first mile was great, I was averaging a 9 minute mile....pretty good for me. Then I started to gradually get slower. After about 4 miles I had to walk for a little while. Then Mylie came on. Just as I was about to call E to come and get me.

So me and my stumpy legs were trucking along on some old country backroad singing Mylie Cyrus at the top of my lungs. I am pretty sure if I saw myself I would have peed my pants laughing. But it got me through the run. Then to my surprise, Total Eclipse of the Heart came on. Ahh, I must have looked like quite a scene as I was singing....I mean running.

Finally, I got to Battle Ground and hit Main Street. That was the quickest part of my run, and the easiest. It was a nice run and hoping to make it a new weekend tradition. I run and E and CB at Starbucks....nothing beats some coffee after a nice run.

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Tom, Lynette, and family said...

LOL:) Dont worry, Mel likes that song, too. I still haven't heard it!