Saturday, May 29, 2010

19 Miles

Last Saturday was 19 miles. It wasn't easy, but not horrible. In fact, I felt pretty good afterwards. I ran the first 5 or so miles with Lisa again, which made that section go pretty quickly! We did a tour of the Pearl District and there was only a small drizzle. Then we came back to Breken Kitchen before starting towards the Esplanade. Darn freight trains kept us from going right away, so it was a bathroom break and a little more rest. Finally the train passed and we took off again. She is a lot faster than I am, so she got ahead while I slowed. My head really started hurting.

Crossing over the Willamette River two times, then down by South Waterfront and behind the Spaghetti Kitchen. YUM! The course took us south a little further and then turned around. It was back to South Waterfront and then up my nemesis hill into Downtown. are going down. It wasn't too bad this time but my head was beginning to really pound. It really surprises me how something like a headache can make a run so much more difficult. I then ran along the river until I got back to Breken Kitchen. Now my head was hurting even more. I had 16 miles down and only 3 more to finish, which was another loop around the Pearl District. Coach Jen said I could pull it now. My response, "A headache is a crappy reason to give up now." So I sucked it up and went for 3 more.

I would be lying if the thought of pulling it didn't cross my mind a few times, but I managed to continue. With about a mile and a half left I had to start walking, I kept my pace still though. I alternated for about a mile doing run/walk. At about a half mile left I decided if I gave it my all I would be finished. So I hit it, and I hit it hard. I finished with a strong sprint. Now I have a new farthest distance.....19 miles!

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