Friday, July 29, 2011


Just sent the re-committment paper work in for the Portland Marathon with Team in Training. Yeah! I am halfway to my fundraising minimum, which is a great bonus. (See my fundraising page if you want to donate to a great cause....finding a cure for cancer!)

Today I kind of got a small slap in the face. In another trip to the physical therapist, she muttered the words I sort of figured she would say. "I think it might be time to bring in another specialist." UGH! I knew exactly what she meant. Looking as though "Old Rusty" will be taking a visit into my back. Nothing says "running is TOTALLY worth it" than a HUGE needle filled with local anesthetic and a steroid going right into my back while I lie there awake than an epidural steroid injection (aka....ESI). Damn! I see about 4-5 a day at work, so I know what is in store for me. Good news, I know the right people ;) (Aka....who will make the process go a heck of a lot smoother, and yes this includes medication!) I am by no means one of those "tough mothers" who do it completely conscious. Heck no! Bring on the meds!

Another statement while she was massaging out my hamstring that bit me in the @$$ though was "I think you have a Baker's Cyst behind your left knee. Hmmmm....I am pretty sure that my knee has not been baking anything. She also told me that the hamstring pain could be caused by that. But not to worry! It can sometimes be taken care of by you guessed it....another HUGE needle stuck in the back of my knee to "suck" out some rogue fluid. Once home though I googled "Baker's Cyst" as was saddened to not discover a picture of a fresh baked cake. Instead I read a list of doom and gloom that could cause this unwanted fluid build up. Sometimes being a nurse kind of sucks, like when you know exactly what is wrong with you and then knowing the treatments. Thankfully the D.O. I work with happened to have a cancellation on Tuesday (and I promise I didn't take anyone out so they were lying in a coma to get these MUCH coveted appointments) to get both my back/piriformis/psoas/hamstring/knee problems.

Still at this moment I am contemplating my running plan for tomorrow. Do I say "I don't know anything, so why not" and go for my 13 miler, or "maybe I should take it easy until I know more" and do less. I hate these decisions, pretty sure I will be doing 13.

At least I spent the rest of the evening by scoring a great deal on a pair of Danskos (aka the shoes I broke my leg in yet I love so much I am willing to wear them again because they are so comfortable), a pair of red (only 2 sizes too big) cowgirl boots for the munchkin, coming home to our FIRST (and second, although broken) fresh chicken egg! To top if off, we played a great family game that combined tennis (well just the ball), basketball and monkey in the middle.