Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Queen and Princess will both run

Shhh!!! Don't let Clair find out, but we are BOTH registered to run in Disneyworld! We are hoping to keep it a secret that we are going from her, but we will see how that goes. I am officially registered for the half marathon, and CB is registered for the kids race! She gets a t-shirt AND special Mickey ears. The list of what I will get is awesome too!!! Plus the finishers medal is a tiara!

On other news....I had my wide excision on my leg yesterday. I will have two weeks with stitches which means no running for two weeks. Then I will begin training. Please pray for good results on the biopsy they sent!

Sending a HUGE GOOD LUCK out to Mel today who is running in a Halloween half marathon. She is a friend of one my Coastie wives, and I am hoping to get to know her better! She has her own blog at Check it out! She has great giveaways (I am going to have to find out how she does it!) BTW Mel if you read this....I gotta get my entry in! That jacket is awesome!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Run Fit For a Princess

I have found the PERFECT half marathon for me to do! Check out this link!
Now what could be better??? And the finishers medal (appears) to be a crown. Who could ask for a better first 1/2 marathon? In addition to the Princess half marathon there are the kids races the day before. Clair has been asking to go to Disneyland (I have NO idea where she learned about Disneyland!) and this would be a great chance for her to go. Eric and I are looking into the flights, hotel and ticket prices. Hopefully we will be able to exchange our time share week for a week down there, which would cut that cost down incredibly! There appear to be some fantastic resorts in the area (not necessarily on the WDW Resort).

I am so excited! The three of us have never taken a vacation together. So of course I will have to spoil the little Munchkin (can you say breakfast in Cinderella's castle) and make this an amazing vacation. PLUS I will get to do a great run!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Official Results

They are in!!! You can see them at:

My results were:
Chip Time 1:10:26
Chip Pace: 11:20
Place- Age Division: 109/145
           Overall: 755/942
           Sex Overall: 479/639

So it is official now, I PR'd!!!!! Pretty impressed with myself :)

Run Like Hell....

It was still a little dark when we ran this morning, but we did the "Run Like Hell- Portland" 10K and both survived! Eric did finish before me, but it was great to see him at the finish line there to cheer me on. We were lucky and there wasn't a drop of rain...just a little chilly. My "unofficial" time was 1 hour and 11 minutes, which would mean a PR for me! My last "official" time was 1:13:48!!!! So we just have to wait a few days to find out the "official" results from this race. (I would have been even faster if it wasn't for the walkers that were in front of us....but no anger there ;) ) While running I ran into a friend from high school who is a runner. It was great to see her!

A HUGE thank you to Grandma Lynn and Grandpa Terry for taking care of Munchkin while we were running. It was such a help, and we really appreciated it. After leaving their house we met up with my parents for lunch. Thank you mom and dad for delivering the shawls, and watching Munchkin while Eric and scouted out the running store.

Eric needs some new running shoes, so we went to RoadRunner Sports (my new favorite store!) and he did the shoe dog to help find the best shoes for him. He found some shoes, and I have now created a longer wish list ;) I bought myself two ear covers. One is fleece for those cold days and one is stretchy for those rainy days. While talking with the saleslady I got some good tips (like running commando under my running skirt) and she told me about a Portland/Vancouver running group that meets every week. I think I might try it out! Find some other runners out there ;)

The picture is at the start of the race. I can't wait to run the next one! Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving may be our next one!

Friday, October 23, 2009

What I Want

When I started running I told Eric that this would be the least expensive entertainment I would have. Not so much.....What I never thought of was the price of shoes, race fees and of course the clothes! I love getting mail and magazines, so what would be better than a subscription to Runner's World? Well this is my new list of "needs" to support my addiction:
-Watch that will monitor my distance and pace
-iPod shuffle (my touch is way too big!!)
-subscription to Women's Running magazine
-running pants to wear under my shorts
-pedicure ;)
Of course I am sure that there are many, many other things that would be fun.

In Runner's World there was an ad for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Florida! I really want to do it. I will need to do more research, but I might just have to decide that our family vacation is in March....and is in Orlando! Plus, what would be better than being treated like a princess before and after running. I know....seeing the excitement of Clair's face when she gets to meet "her" princesses.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now.....

No more glasses, no more contacts.....I can see! Eric and I both had our LASIX procedures yesterday and today we are both seeing 20/20 and 20/25 respectively ;) We are super excited. Sunday is our 10K. I have my outfit, just going with a Halloween theme. Thank you Oregon State!

Last Saturday was a great day for shopping! The Coastie wives and I have a tendency to go shopping, and this weekend was no different. We went to the outlet malls in search for some running shorts or pants for the race. After striking out at Nike, we went to Adidas....and hit the motherload! Our first find was a pair of workout pants for $6.95. Yes, a pair of pants for less than seven dollars. Then we hit the clearance rack. I thought I was going to hyperventilate. There were red tags everywhere, and an entire rack of samples. WOO HOO!!!! So I hit the dressing room with both arms full of clothes. I tend to wear a large/x-large so imagine my excitement when I put the Large on and they were way to big! So I tried on the medium....and they fit PERFECT! I began jumping up and down. So I left Adidas spending only $130 (after my military discount) on $378 worth of clothing!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Sad Lonely Mile

Yesterday I got an odd opportunity at work. We had a lull of about three hours with only 2 patients coming out and five nurses. I really wanted to get a run in, so I offered to leave for a few hours and come back when the upswing of patients occurred. The gym we belong to is only 10 minutes away so I headed down there for a workout. I was a little tired, but I figured the run would wake me up. Not so much. I got about 3/4 mile down and started thinking "there is no way I can do this." So I slowed my pace down to 4.8 mph (I have been running 5.6-6 mph). At the mile mark my body just couldn't do it anymore. I had to slow to a 4 mph walk. So I walked for another mile. I felt like poo!

After showering I headed back to work, and it was all downhill from there. Now I am sitting at home with a chest on fire and a throbbing head. I haven't had a chest cold this bad in a long time. This body has to heal! Eric and I are having LASIX eye surgery on Tuesday and then we have our 1oK on Sunday next week. At least next weekend I will have Eric running the 10K with me, so our pace will keep each other going!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

On the Road Again....ok treadmill

Did my first run today in 3 weeks. Felt pretty good, although I am extremely exhausted. We got the membership for our family at the Firstenburg Center. Now we can go to the pool as a family, and Eric and I can workout together. It is a nice facility with a lot of options.

I was only able to run 3 miles, and my time is a little slow, but it did feel good. Eric and I have 3 weeks until our 10K. My goal is to run it in an hour and 5 minutes. My last race was about an hour and 15 minutes. So I want to beat that time by a few minutes! After running we did some weights. Recently the only weights I have been lifting is CB.

Tomorrow I am going to see a Dietitian. The diet I have been off and on for the last six months is high protein, low carb and low calorie. I want to make sure things are a bit more balanced, especially when I am going to be running longer distances. Hopefully I will get some good tips on how to keep my nutritional status balanced while still losing weight and staying healthy!