Sunday, October 25, 2009

Run Like Hell....

It was still a little dark when we ran this morning, but we did the "Run Like Hell- Portland" 10K and both survived! Eric did finish before me, but it was great to see him at the finish line there to cheer me on. We were lucky and there wasn't a drop of rain...just a little chilly. My "unofficial" time was 1 hour and 11 minutes, which would mean a PR for me! My last "official" time was 1:13:48!!!! So we just have to wait a few days to find out the "official" results from this race. (I would have been even faster if it wasn't for the walkers that were in front of us....but no anger there ;) ) While running I ran into a friend from high school who is a runner. It was great to see her!

A HUGE thank you to Grandma Lynn and Grandpa Terry for taking care of Munchkin while we were running. It was such a help, and we really appreciated it. After leaving their house we met up with my parents for lunch. Thank you mom and dad for delivering the shawls, and watching Munchkin while Eric and scouted out the running store.

Eric needs some new running shoes, so we went to RoadRunner Sports (my new favorite store!) and he did the shoe dog to help find the best shoes for him. He found some shoes, and I have now created a longer wish list ;) I bought myself two ear covers. One is fleece for those cold days and one is stretchy for those rainy days. While talking with the saleslady I got some good tips (like running commando under my running skirt) and she told me about a Portland/Vancouver running group that meets every week. I think I might try it out! Find some other runners out there ;)

The picture is at the start of the race. I can't wait to run the next one! Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving may be our next one!

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