Sunday, March 27, 2011


First off, I am aware things could be MUCH worse. But seriously, I would love one week that is just boring! We lost our wonderful yellow lab, H-dog last month. He was with our family for 7 years, and he was only 8 and a half when he passed away. It was awful, the worst thing I have ever seen. But we are healing, recovering and appreciating the life he had. Then last week our 'Lil Man....our 2 and a half year old boxer had a "spinal stroke." His hind legs were paralyzed and he couldn't walk. We thought he had arthritis from what we thought was a car accident last summer (but now know differently) but it continued to get worse. So we took him in and they told us what was probably wrong. After a weekend with the vet's office and some laser treatments, he is beginning to gain strength in his hind legs and walk again! Unfortunately, he is unable to keep any food down. He drinks a few sips of water and then begins to vomit :(

I am still not running too much. I need to get back out there. I am losing some weight again (YEAH!!!) so I am hoping it will help even more. I don't really have any races planned, and am toying with the idea of mentoring with Team in Training again. It was such a wonderful experience the last time!

Our family is looking into raising chickens! Apparently deep down I am a country girl. The idea of having fresh eggs is the big clincher for me. CB really wants them too. So it is becoming a learning experience for her! (We even got her to begin cleaning her room by telling her we couldn't get chickens unless she was willing to help us, and she needed to be able to prove it to us.) I have also begun to plant my seeds in the house for my vegetable garden. So far I am going to attempt peas, corn, carrots, pumpkin and beans. I am also pretty sure that I will be calling on one of my awesome mother in laws with some advice. The compost bins will be restarted soon, and hopefully I will have some great compost using her advise!!!

So this city girl is turning a little country. I'm not sure where this summer will take us, but I really look forward to it!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Steps

Finally, I did it! I laced up the good old shoes, threw on my iPod and took a run! CB and E were busy with soccer practice, so I decided to do a little run around the fields. There was a nice path that was about .4 miles around, and there is also a smaller path off of that. So I only had to do 4 laps, and ran 2.06 miles! The even better part of it was that my pace was about a 10 min, 20 second mile which is a lot faster than I usually am.

The first lap felt so great, my body felt natural while I was running. It didn't hurt that I had loaded some new songs on my iPod. It felt SO good. Now I need to keep the momentum up so that I can get back in gear!