Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Running Buddy

I have a serious hatred for slugs! In fact, give me a mouse, snake, mouse or any other freaky looking little rodent that most people find disgusting and I am all good. The past three weeks I have gone through 3 (yes 3) large containers of salt because of these slugs continue to invade my yard and gardens. I realize some have never had the pleasure of meeting one of these slimy and gross let me tell you.

-Imagine a snail without the shell, but bigger. Now add a tail of slime following behind it.
-Salt will kill them
-They come in all shapes and colors. The worst is the banana slug, this week we found on that was AT least 6 inches long.

Why do I mention the slugs? Well today I was doing a run in Battle Ground, and the entire time I was running these little guys were covering the sidewalk. Rain makes these things come out of the woodwork (sometimes literally) in packs. So I had a few running buddies today, although I would have preferred to be alone.

So on a much more note....Saturday my run was on the Coast. It was beautiful! My family was all over in Lincoln City (minus E). So I took to the streets around our house rental and it was BEAUTIFUL! I finished right next to the beach. It was really windy but the sun was shining.

Of course, when you get 6 women together there is bound to be some shopping. We also hit the outlet malls and stimulated the economy a little. Even CB got in the spirit and was posing in the Nike Outlet window. I looked at an employee and said "I am not sure if she will boost or decrease sales today." CB looked like a natural though and convinced me to buy her a basketball, of course it was pink.

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