Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Time Will I Finish???

I have no idea what my finish time will be for the marathon. Right now I just want to finish....alive and not in too much pain. I am also about $1100 away from my fundraising minimum :( So for a fundraiser, and a chance for you to win a $25 gift certificate to Starbucks, Best Buy OR Road Runner Sports (your choice!!!) I am conducting a Finish Time Pool. For a $5 minimum donation to my Team in Training effort  (of course you can do more) send me a message with what you think my finish time will be for running 26.2 miles on June 26.

Now of course those who know me know what my times are for finishing specific runs as well as my half marathon time. Well I am not keeping those a secret, so here is a little inside info :

Half Marathon Time: 2:45:49 (official time)
16.5 miles (on May 8): 3:30:26
3.6 miles (on May 15): 0:39:14

If you "recruit" someone to my fundraising site, and it results in any amount of donation you earn an additional entry time. The poll will close on June 11! Help me meet my goal to help find a cure for blood cancers!

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