Saturday, June 12, 2010

Taper Kinda Sucks

So I was so was "only 12 miles." Yeah....didn't happen. The first four miles were painful. I have a screw in my foot from a previous surgery, and it is "popping" out (you can literally feel it coming up) and was rubbing on my show. OUCH! But to take care of it requires surgery, and that requires a recovery period. Which I am pretty sure doesn't fit into my running schedule anytime soon. My pace was slow, but I really didn't care.

I was taking so long I decided at the aide station I was only going to do 8 miles with the team so I could go to CB's last dance class. At mile 6 though I hit a lip in the sidewalk and ate it. I have never fallen that hard (and I don't bounce!) The entire right side hit the pavement. My knee, elbow and hand all got a nice souvenir abrasion and I have a huge bruise on my hip and shin. Normally I would have laughed it off, but damn! it hurt. The positive side was that I was running by myself and so there was no witnesses.

When I was able to get back up I could hardly walk it hurt so bad, let alone run. Had I known where I was at (in some neighborhood) I would have went the quickest way back, but since I didn't I had to finish that leg. After another two miles I finally got back to the aide station and threw in the towel for the day. My body couldn't take any more beatings. Tomorrow I will attempt a light run.

Good news for the day though was that the Disneyland Half Marathon is full, and E and I are already registered! YEAH!!!!

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