Saturday, June 19, 2010


Holy week at this time I will have finished my very first marathon! Truthfully I am ready for it to next Friday. This is going to be a very slow week. On Wednesday we had our Send-Off party and WOW! Poor Coaches Karl and Jen had a difficult time keeping us under control while giving us details. As Mentor Mike said "it is like herding cats....." There was some carbo loading (yes, we were aware the race is still a week and a half away), wine and beer and WONDERFUL desserts! Thanks to Mentor Amy!!! And to top it all off, we got our TNT Singlet. Next task.....DECORATE!!!! (I wonder if Christopher Lowell is available to bedazzle?)

Jim-in typical male fashion, overlooking while the women clean up glass (Just teasing....he had just picked up)

On my mind is whether or not to apply to be a mentor for the Winter season. I would be committed to running either the Honolulu Marathon in December, or the DisneyWorld Marathon in January (and my birthday weekend!) Either way it would be awesome and a lot of fun. The cons of doing it would require me to be running every Saturday, and CB will playing soccer in the fall. Ahhhh.....decisions!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

It WILL be a long week... Hang in there

Tricia said...

SO exciting!