Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No "I" in TEAM

I have said it before, and will say it again....I LOVE Team in Training. Without TNT I am not sure I would have ever been able to successfully train for a marathon. The motivation would just not be there. That being said, in three weeks my team will have completed our marathon or half marathon. Today was our last track night with the San Diego team. It was a great run. We did 3.1 miles along the Willamette River tonight, and despite these past few days of rain there wasn't a drop out of the sky and the sun was shining. Talk about karma!

Today I ran the best 3.1 miles I have ever run. I started running with another Seattle teammate, L. Coming back from an injury herself we maintained a good pace to start. Hanging with us was Mentor Mike, and other various teammates from the San Diego team. I felt strong and confident in my stride and energy. On the West side of the river the Rose Festival had started as well as Fleet Week (when Navy and Coast Guard ships come for a few days). It was too soon when we got to the turn around point. Feeling good, and wanting to push myself I started picking up my speed and finished strong.

I am thankful for this great team! Not only has my health improved, but I have been helping to find a cure for cancer. I can say, without feeling cocky....I am a hero.

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