Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Best I Can Do.....Marathon Re-Cap

So taking the idea from Coach Karl, I am going to recap some of the highlights from the Marathon Weekend. At the moment it is too much to write out all the details, but there were DEFINITELY some awesome times to be had. Here is goes....

-E and I walking a mile to the train station, and E carrying the two heavy bags because I pulled the "I am running a marathon tomorrow card"
-Reading an entire book on the way to Seattle after reading a People magazine with some MAJOR hotties in it
-Taking a picture of Mentor Marianne, laughing about the picture and her laughing while having no idea why....she had an adult entertainment ad on the cab above her
-Hitting the Expo and not spending too much money :)
- Hearing the sounds from the Inspiration Dinner coming from the 2nd floor, then walking through the coaches all cheering us on. I think I might have seen tears in Coach Karl's eyes as his kids came up the escalator.
-Running to "the bathroom" with Marianne and somehow running into the table of delicious mac n cheese
-Team Lilly
-Coming full circle with Melissa....Kick-off celebration to Inspiration dinner
-800 TNT members raising $2 MILLION
-Inspiration from Coach Karl "Don't be a dipshit"
-Meeting Mike's chocolate scented friend, Travis
-Marianne's "boob job" near Corral 25
-Shot Blok Shop
-Waiting in LOOOOONG lines to go to the bathroom about 87 times BEFORE the race
-Melissa, Lindsey and I crossing the start line and the sea of TNT purple all around us! GO TEAM!!!
-"You can run, you can walk....BUT YOU WILL NOT STOP!" "Yes Sir!"
-Mile 4 Honey Bucket....damn fear of the dreaded Shart.
-Coach Karl at Mile 9....and having to say good-bye to Melissa
-The beautiful Lake Washington. Seeing Amy, Lisa and Krystina not too far in front of us rocking the race!
-Long, dark creepy tunnel. Not a big fan, especially when my shoes were all sticky from Cytomax
-Lindsey and I hopping the barricade to get back on the Full Marathon course so we could be tracked.
-Thinking "Damn, this is a long way" as I hit Mile 13. The closest I ever came to a wall
-E in the middle of the road before Mile 14. Stealing a kiss and continuing to run.
-Seeing Lindsey getting hugs from her dad, and knowing that he is a hero!
- Mile 16 seeing my parents, CB and my cousins. Homemade signs, hugs and kisses! I have the best family.
-Salt, salt, salt oh and yeah...more salt! Still trying to pee off those extra 5 pounds of water I gained.
-Going up and back down what seemed like an extremely long hill.
-Running with CB at Mile 21. WOW, what a feeling to have my race bandit be my 4 1/2 year old daughter.
-Seeing Coach Karl in the tunnel and have him run/walk with me. For awhile I kicked my pace up. The cramps kicked in and started to kick my @$$. Even though we didn't talk too much just having his amazing support there helped get me through.
-Realizing at Mile 23 all I had left was a messily 5K. Seeing the USCG base from the Viaduct and finding out that E had seen me running.
-Being there when Coach Karl got the phone call that Lindsey crossed the finish line while I was at Mile 25. I am so proud of her!
-Coming down the ramp before Mile 26 and Coach Karl giving me a hug, telling me congratulations and that I did it and leaving my side so I could cross the finish line on my own.
-RUNNING the last .2 miles at a full sprint, hearing people cheer me on and realizing I DID IT!!!!
-Seeing the Finish Line. Seeing Coach Jen, Mentor Mike and Baby Peri. Seeing my parents, cousins, CB and E as I crossed the finish line!
-The best PB&J sandwich EVER at the TNT tent.
-My Coastie wife Lynette giving me a hug, with tears in her eyes. (I miss her soooo much!) THANK YOU for being there Lynette and Tom.
-Meeting Tall Mom for the first time! (She is tall!!!)
-Holy Heavy Medal Batman!
-Almost passing out in front of the medics. Thank goodness for space blankets and my wonderful husband
-Babs, Beer and Brownies
-"I may be gay, but my dick isn't" Someone really needs to make that a bumper sticker!
-More beer....sushi and chocolate lava cake. YUM!
-A very humbling email from Coach Karl....tears on a train.


lkleinw said...


Thanks for sharing! I got tears in my eyes reading this entry. What a ride- a painfully challenging yet completely fulfilling rollercoaster ride! How it is possible to feel such incredible vulnerability and reliant strength at the same time- to doubt our own abilities at mile 17 only to feel as if we are capable of conquering anything in the world after mile 26.2??? Definitely one of my life highlights...congrats to you! Glad to know you and be on your team!


Amber A. said...

Way to go Micki. Reading your recap was great! Gave me goose bumps. How exciting that so many people were there for you, that Clair got to run with you. You're amazing. I can't wait to share my own recap. :o)