Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Wings

Tonight was Track Night. This is when the team gets together and we work on our endurance. Last week was Fartleks along the Esplanade. There was something a little more special today planned. A member of one of the other teams was running 26.2 miles in honor of a special girl that passed away exactly one year ago today. Our team was going to join her for a lap around the Esplanade. Full marathoners were going to do 2 laps around tonight (close to 6 miles!)

The little girl that we were running in honor of was one of my former patients at DCH. So halfway through the first lap was N's grandma. I stopped and gave her a huge hug. About 3/4 miles later I almost emotionally lost it. I was flooded with memories and feelings that I could no longer keep down. At the moment the tears almost came one of the mentors came up behind me and starting joking around. He had no idea how I was feeling, so it was completely coincidentally. But it broke me out of my funk, and made me feel better. So while I had about 2 miles left the dark cloud of rain was above us, and a few sprinkles slipped out but no more. It wasn't until the last team member entered the pizza place where we were meeting did the sky open up and tears from Heaven fell.

It was a difficult run for me. My feet are not what kept me going though, it was the wings of those that have lost their battle. I came home and let it out. Let the feelings come out and the tears fall. Cancer is horrible, it breaks my heart that there are so many out there fighting this battle.

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I just found your blog and wanted to say hi. Very touching post. I got all choked up reading it.