Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Track Night

Each Wednesday our team has track night. It is Week 9, and because of the craziness going on the past few months this was my first one! It was awesome. It kicked my butt! It was fun :) I really need to build my endurance, and I can tell that this is what has been lacking in my ability to decrease my time. All in all I ran almost 3 miles tonight.

After the tough workout, some of the team went over to this little dive across from the track. I was able to finally get to know a few more people that didn't include huffing and puffing! Can I say (yes, once again!) how GREAT Team in Training is! Tonight was so relaxing and enjoyable. With things returning to normal (what is normal again?) soon, I will get to enjoy these nights a lot more if my work schedule allows! Next week is a pizza run. Not sure exactly what that entails, but I am pretty sure it involves two of my favorite things!

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