Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is This What Recovery is Like?

This weekend was supposed to be a 10 mile training run on Saturday with TNT. I still have a horrible cough, so I set out to do the half marathon training schedule, which was only 5 miles. My body is still a little sore from last weekend, so I had a hard time getting those 5 miles out. My pace was only a 12 min. mile. It was a little discouraging, but then I kept thinking about the HUGE accomplishment I had the week before.

We started with our team meeting, and the coaches read a letter from the mom of our Honored Teammate, Hunter. Hunter passed away earlier that week. Then the father of a survivor got up and talked to us. It definitely is an inspiration to the purpose of what we are running for. We each got a picture of Hunter to keep with us. Cancer Sucks!

Sunday was the Shamrock Run. I signed up for the 8K, so another 5 miles. It was great to have Eric home, he was finally able to see me finish a race that he wasnt in! The course took me through Downtown Portland. It was a nice course, and some unexpected hills. My pace was a little better than on Saturday, but still not as good as usual. I was glad I did not sign up for the 15k! It felt good to finish, although my knees were killing me.

I still have the cough, and I am still sore. Yesterday was my rest day. I am gearing up to go out for a small run, just to get out there. I am hoping to feel better because tomorrow is Track Night! I have not been able to go yet, and this would be my first time.

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