Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To the Finish

Well, I promised the rest of my experience, so here goes!

After hobbling to the refreshment area (I didn't feel any of this pain until I finished) I got some water, PowerAde and a banana. The lines to get a picture was way too long. My patience just wasn't there, and I really wanted to see CB and the rest of my family. My brother came up to me with a huge hug telling me how proud he was as well as my mom, CB and Andrea. CB was wearing her Cinderella dress and came up to me and told me she was also proud of me. She wanted my medal though, and I was NOT going to part with that!

There were princesses all around, and not just the runners. So CB and I got our picture with Snow White. Then as we were walking away from her Cinderella came up to CB and we got her picture with her. Cinderella was so sweet. Then I walked over to the merchandise tent, I could now get the "I Did It" shirt. I couldn't move too well, so I  opted not to have my medal engraver there and I just wanted to eat. So we tried to find a place for breakfast. It is amazing when your body can tell you what you need. I just want salt, lots of salt. So I broke down and got eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and pancakes. Sadly, I ate almost all of it. And since my run I have been SO hungry! So I am trying to eat healthy foods, but vacation does not make that easy.

CB kept touching my medal and telling me how she was so proud of me. It made everything worth it. The medal was nothing compared to her telling me that. I know that I am teaching her to be healthy. My brother and his girlfriend had to head back down to Ft. Lauderdale, which was hard on my mom, CB and I. Thankfully my mom took CB to the pool so I could take a nap. My body was still really sore when I woke up, and Eric sent me a message telling me to go get a massage. So he twisted my arm, I did. What a great idea! The resort was giving a free 30 min. massage with each 60 min. massage. So I was able to get a 90 min. massage. I almost fell asleep so many times. It felt amazing.

 What a princess looks like after finishing a half marathon :)
(Just kidding.....the wine bottle was already empty!)

I feared that Monday morning I would wake up unable to move, but surprisingly I felt great! CB and I took my mom to the airport and then hit DisneyWorld again. I was able to walk without any problems. Today I can tell my body is ready for a run. I just want to get out there, even if only for a few minutes. This afternoon CB and I might go for a small jog. Amazingly, that is about the only thing she has really wanted to do today. I had no idea how great it would feel.

Sadly, one of the children I am running for in June may have relapsed. He was admitted this weekend to DCH to have a biopsy done on a mass. It breaks my heart. He has had two bone marrow transplants, and survived. Now he and his family have to deal with this. He is such a fighter and has such a strong faith. His parents and siblings are heartbroken. Too many families have had to go through this. Cancer SUCKS! Please, if you are able in any way visit my TNT fundraising site and donate. Remember, even something as small as a $5 donation can go so far! Help me to help find a cure for this horrible disease.

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