Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weekend Plans

So it is going to be a jammed pack weekend! Eric gets home today, tomorrow and Friday i work until closing (praying there will not be a Sniper Friday), and family will be coming starting on Saturday for spaghetti dinner. And that is just my "social" calendar!

Saturday is scheduled to be a 12 mile run day. It is going to be tough, not going to lie. I am also participating in a virtual 5K, which I think is an AWESOME idea! The link is here to find out more. I have talked about Mel before, and what a great fundraising idea. How will I fit it all in? Not sure! But I will. I need to work on my sleep management, maybe getting up earlier.

Tonight is track night, looking forward to it! And it involves pizza, YUM!!!


Morgan said...

Something tells me you will find a way to get it in! :) Good luck!

Micki said...

Knowing that a HUGE spaghetti and meatball feed is involved I think the more I can run, the more I can eat!!! :)