Thursday, March 25, 2010

I prefer my laps to be approximately 3 miles

Last night was track night. This was only my second one I have been able to attend, and I really enjoy it! It is a nice way to get to know more of my team mates. After the workout there is usually a beverage consumption session. (This means non-Alcoholic for me). Our workout last night was called 30-30s. For 30 seconds we pushed hard then recovered for 30 seconds and repeated this. The full marathoners were supposed to do 15 repetitions. Oh yeah, I did least I think I did. I lost count. Hey, don't judge is hard to remember so many numbers!

E and CB were able to join me post workout, and it was fun. Although I am sure my team is pretty sure I feed my child crack.  It didn't take too long for her to fall asleep once we were in the car. I think we have a future Team in Training participant!

E was returning to work for a little bit today, and needed a ride. So guess who got to volunteer? Oh yeah....a 5:45 am wake-up call. His suggestion when I woke up was good though, he told me to just through on my running clothes and I could run downtown. Hmmmm, sounded good to me! So after dropping CB off at school and taking E to work, I hit the streets to get to the Esplanade. Last night I was able to run a little over 3 miles doing it once, so I thought I would see what I could do today. The schedule called for 60 minutes. Instead of just keeping the pace, I threw in a few one minute fartleks (hey 30 seconds was just too short, ok....they 30 second recovery was too short.) and also some stairs. After running for an hour, I thought heck....lets do a second lap. So I did. Well as I was getting close to finishing that second lap there was a bridge lift. So I would have to stand there for 10-15 minutes. No, that didn't work for me. So I turned around and went back the way I came.

Getting back to Eric's office I pulled out 8.08 miles and an hour and forty five minutes. My pace wasn't great, but keep in mind I was doing stairs too. And it was pretty windy, and I am slow. Part of me really wanted to do another lap, but I didn't have enough time in my meter. Oh well. Saturday I have a 12 mile run scheduled. I am loving this!!!!


Tricia said...

great job!

Mistie Hunt said...

Micki: I have read your blog and it is truly inspirational. I have been wanting to lose the weight I gained from going to school, but I get so sick of being hungry all of the time and I do 11 miles on the elipitcal and nothing changes on my body..very frustrating. It is refreshing to read your struggles and how you have powered through them all.