Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hard Habit to Break

Just like Pavlov's dog, I am now conditioned to run on Saturdays. As I sit here I am about ready to scream because I have all this energy that I didn't get expelled this morning. Why didn't I run? Well I have a pain in my @$$. My piriformis muscle (a deep muscle in the backside) is very angry. It pretty much feels like a constant charley horse in my rear-end! Yesterday the pain got so bad I was using a pop can to sit on and roll over it. So after some serious (and I mean a good 45 minute self discussion) contemplation, I decided taking a rest day today would be better than a 10-mile run that could lead it to getting worse. The decision was really tough. I felt like I was being a weinie, what if it is just sore because I have been increasing miles and it isn't injured. Then I wondered if it was injured would it lead to the possibility of re-injuring my back. UGH!

I missed running. I missed my team. Never in my life did I imagine that I would love running. Tuesday I am heading to the physical therapist to see if they can help the piriformis. Last time I had something called A-STYM. It was pretty intense, but very helpful. Pretty much it is using hard plastic instruments to "scrape" the muscle and cause inflammation and blood flow, which then leads to increased healing. Last time I bruised, hopefully this time he can do a cool pattern ;)

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!!!

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