Monday, April 19, 2010

Catching Up

Over 23 miles in the last week. It feels great to be able to run again. There still is a giant pain in my butt though! This week I am going to the physical therapist, massage therapist and the team chiropractor. Hopefully this will help. My body feels like I have been run over by a truck!

The past week has been busy. Balancing being a mom and wife, work, tough running schedule and appointments has been difficult. There are times when I feel like I am only doing some half-assed. Last week I needed to do some short runs (because of the injury), but I wanted to spend time with E and CB. So we went on a family run. Black dog got to join us, and she loves it. She is already showing some weight loss. I am so proud of CB, she ran 1.5 miles then got to play on the playground and ran another 1.5 miles.

Track night was great too! And I busted out some hard core running just as my brother in law happened to drive by! (Great to see you L!!!) Hill repeats on Terwilliger are not fun, but I survived! My warm-up laps I was cranking out a 7.5 min/mile! What the heck :) I couldn't believe how awesome I felt. Then some of the team went over to Suki's for a little Richard Simmons discussion and Garage Sale planning.

The weekend was productive! The Garage Sale rocked, and we made almost $600! So we each got over $140 for our fundraising. So now I am only $1200 from my fundraising minimum! Sunday was Bridge to Brews. E and I ran the 8K. We ran it in 56 minutes. I had to stop twice though to stretch out the butt. I love being able to run with E. He is great at pushing me when I need it and support me when I need that!

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