Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The day was sure to come....the day of complete random facts about me!

1. I am random, or at least seem to be. Generally there is a logically (to me) thought pattern in my head.

2.It wasn't until I consumed 14 shots of espresso and I became more calm that I was tested, and diagnosed with adult ADHD. (Explains a lot doesn't it)

3. Running did not become enjoyable to me until last year. In fact, until then the only running I did was after CB or for a cup of coffee.

4. Before I ran my half marathon, the farthest distance I had run was 7 miles.

5. Running with Team in Training has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. Not only am I making myself more healthy, but I am doing a wonderful thing.

6. I am a bib whore. I love earning them. Unfortunately, I am now moving onto medals :)

7. I love my husband! He has been one of the best supports I have had through my training adventure. He is the runner in the family, and I am trying to steal the title from him....until CB steals it from me.

8. Running in a skirt is better than running in shorts.

9. A light misty rain is the best weather to run less than five miles in. There is just something about how it feels against my face. Although it does cause my legs to itch, which leads to me having bruising from scratching up and down my thighs.

10. When I ran the Shamrock Run for the first time I was passed by two guys dressed as pints of Guiness. Yeah, maybe I shouldn't admit that....

11. Sometimes I feel like doing the cha cha while running because of the song on my iPod.

12. The first time my husband was deployed I took an exotic dance class for exercise. It was awesome. And no, there was no pole involved.

13. June 26th is the day I run my first marathon!!!



Super cute post. Running in a skirt is WAY better than running in shorts!

Morgan said...

You really only ran 7 miles before your half? Wow!

I want to take an exotic dance class someday! How fun!

Random question for you... can you send me your address? I have a little some-something I want to send your way. :) Email me.