Saturday, April 24, 2010

PHEW! 12 Miles!

Today was the long run day. I haven't been able to participate for a few weeks due to events/injury. So I did 12 miles today. It amazes me how my body has changed since I started running. When I ran the Princess Half almost 2 months ago I felt like crap when I finished. I was ravenous, and my body wanted to shut down. A couple weeks later I did 12 miles and I was sore and hungry, but not as bad. Today, not too sore and not very hungry. In fact, my body feels similar to what I used to feel like after 3 miles.

I am pretty slow, which means I usually end up running by myself. I am cool with that though, because I get a chance to listen to my music which I don't normally get to do. But it also gives me a lot of time with my thoughts. Which isn't always bad, but not always good either. Today I was thinking of my honorary teammates, and their struggles and fights. I was trying to find a way to honor them. I wish I could express to them how much of an inspiration they truly are for me.

On the way home I needed to stop by and give Luke and his family some prayer shawls. That family amazes me. On the door has a sign that says no sad faces allowed. Friends had 3 delivery trucks full of snow delivered to their home this morning! It was so beautiful. Luke had recently said he wished it would have snowed this year, and his family was planning to take him to the snow. Well the snow came to them! It was pretty remarkable. Many people have asked where I got the HOPE necklace I wear. Luke and his family gave one to each of the staff after his first bone marrow transplant. I hope that in June I can make Luke proud.

Two weeks from today will be the one-year anniversary of John passing away. He is another honored teammate. I am dedicating Mile 4 to him in June. I can't imagine how difficult a time this is for his family. John was a truly great young man taken way too soon.

Running has been so good for me. I am enjoying every moment of it, even the moments I hate. And I am so happy to be running for such a great cause!

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