Sunday, January 31, 2010

Team Run #2

Team in Training team run #2 today! It was good. The plan was 4 miles, and I ended up with 4.3. For the first 3 miles I was running at about a 10.5 min/ mile pace, which is about a minute faster than it has been. Then I accidentally hit a button on Garmi and it restarted the the end pace wasn't accurate. But my last mile was fairly slow. I just lost some umph. My nutrition habits have been off lately, and I can tell.

The run took us along the East Bank Esplanade in Portland then over the Steel Bridge and into the Pearl District, then back again. For the first mile I ran with one of the mentors, the captain and someone I met at the kick-off party. It made the time go quickly. Then the second mile I chatted with the mentor for a bit, then the captain. My shyness is still there, and they are great at extracting it! I ran the last two miles on my own (which was probably why I was a little slower) and then I was done.

I am really enjoying the Team in Training. Everyone is great and the support is amazing.