Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Team Run

6 am is really early! Especially on a day off and when it isn't the Munchkin waking me up. I must say it was definitely worth it though. My first team run with Team in Training was today. When my alarm went off though I also got a phone call.....which caused some turbulent emotions, but I won't go into that here. Last night I put the names of three honorary team members on my training shirt (more will be added!) John, Maddie and Pam have all EARNED their place to join me while I run on June 26 in spirit! So I threw that on, along with some running shorts and my laced up my shoes with my FABULOUS neon green emergency tag. The team runs will mostly take me into Portland, and today I was headed toward Grant HS.

 My Mentor Marianne and Me after 3 miles

Not quite sure what to expect, I signed in (apparently this is very important!) and got my name tag. It was a balmy 40 degrees (ok, I really don't know what the term "balmy" means, but it sounds cool) and I really wish I had my gloves, but oh well! We were split into three groups to go to three different stations. First station was run by Coach Seth about injury prevention. In the next station we played BINGO to get to know each other. And the last station was about our running schedule, but more importantly WHY we are running. Coach Karl talked to us and it is amazing to see the passion and inspiration that all of our coaches, mentors and staff have! Each runner has a mentor, mine is Marianne and she is super sweet! After 45 minutes it was finally time to run! Due to the different events there were some running 2, 3, 6 or 8 miles. Since it was the first run I was supposed to do 3 miles.

Everyone's route took them around the track once, and while I was going around my coach, Jen joined me. We chatted about running for a few minutes, and then we came up to some new runners and one was feeling discouraged and needed to walk, so Jen stayed with her and I continued. Oddly enough, I am kind of shy when you first get to know me, especially in this kind of situation. I was having a bad emotional day so I welcomed the solitude. They encourage not using an iPod while on team runs (I think to get know each other) so I didn't have music either. Another runner came up beside me and we ran for about 1/2 mile before I got enough courage to say "hi, my name is Micki....I am not much of a runner and talker." To my relief she said "me either." So we continued that way, for about another 1/2 mile. She then slowed down, but I continued my pace. It was great to come up to another person walking with her mentor to then hear her say "I am ready to run again." When I had about 1/4 mile left Marianne came running toward me and joined me until I finished. She then chatted with me over some water about some of the things in my personal life telling me if I needed anything let her know.

 Not the most glamourous pic....but hey I just ran 3 miles, what did you do?

WOW! Can you say amazing!?!?!? Everyone from the staff, mentors and coaches are nothing short of spectacular. They aren't lying when they say that they make sure everyone crosses the finish line. It is the most positive experience imaginable! My only question is why I didn't do this sooner!

I also looked at the course map. Part of me says, "What the &%^^ am I thinking?!?!?!" while the other says "I am going to do this with no problem, and have a blast doing it!" Now if I can just take that first voice and kick it to the curb. (By the way, that only came to be after driving through Seattle this week and seeing where I will be running!)

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You can DOOOO it! You rock babe!