Monday, January 25, 2010

Are You High?

It was another emotionally rough day. After work I went to the gym. The treadmill has become my nemesis.....but desperate times called for desperate measures. So I set the goal of 4 miles. It didn't seem too hard considering what I had done the past two runs. After 10 minutes I was not enjoying myself. This was not going to be a goal I would attain. So I decided to do 30 minutes, which was my marathon schedule "assignment" for the day. Finally at about 22 minutes, I hit 2 miles (I know, not a fast pace) and I was dripping in sweat! How in the heck was I going to do another 8 minutes? I was trying to use my music to get me through, and that was not working. An old episode of Desperate Housewives was on the television so I was watching that.

Then, the magic number of 30 minutes came on the screen. I was almost to 3 miles, so I continued to run. I kept telling myself, just get to 35 minutes. And I did, and I kept going. I mean...I had done 3 miles, why not keep going. All I needed to do was break it down to 5 minute increments. At 47 minutes, I did it....4 miles completed. I did a short walking cool-down and hopped off, leaving my phone and water bottle on the treadmill. I grabbed a towel to wipe the machine down and this old lady was on my treadmill! Hello, do you not notice the personal belongings of someone else! So I reached over and grabbed my phone and water bottle (which is bright pink and blue) and the lady said she didn't even see them. So my cool down moved to the indoor track where I finished another .25 miles. Needless to say when I was done I felt awesome. Can you say Runner's High!

I think I have found the way I will get through this deployment. Running makes me feel better than anything else. And I will look damn good when I pick Eric up!


Tricia said...

There is nothing better than Runners High!

Tom, Lynette, and family said...