Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who Thought of GU??

I have been a little weary of trying GU. I know of a few athletes who use it while running, but something about GU just put me off. In the package from the running store Garmi came from was a sample of GU chomps. Today I thought, what the heck...how bad can it be? I am in LOVE! Think of those great Fruit Snacks you had as a kid, the really good ones. It was like having four big fruit snacks! YUM! And the best part was about half way into my run I felt amazing. My pace picked up and I felt even more alive. It was awesome. Now it may not be all due to the GU, but it was though I had liquid energy flowing through me. I am going to have to stock up!

I did 4.02 miles today. I live in the sticks...with lots of hills, so I am running those a lot. My time was even better than yesterday for the same distance and today I was at an incline for 50% of the time. Seattle has hills, and I have yet to look at the elevation on the course, but I figure that I will be ready for the hills! I hate running on the road with no sidewalks, but you really can not beat the scenery!

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Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Love my Chomps.. Get those hills girl..