Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cancer Sucks! (And I Am Going To Make A Difference)

At dinner the other night E asked me a question that I had to think a bit for the answer, and my response surprised him. The question was "what do you want to see before your next birthday?" My answer, "I want to see the finish line of a marathon." I don't want to see foreign lands, art or, I really want to see that finish line. Today I made another step towards seeing that sight. I attended a Team in Training information meeting! Wow! During the inspirational video (honestly, I didn't need a video for inspiration!) I was filling out my registration form. My only hesitation was which event to register for! I have the choice of the Rock and Roll Seattle or the Rock and Roll San Diego Marathon. As of now I am choosing Seattle. The reason I would change is CB's dance recital.

Cancer sucks! Working at Doernbecher put lasting impressions on my heart forever. I know that I have angels that will be with me through out my training and when I am running my marathon. Plus I will have the support of my team! And I am hoping to have family and friends at that finish line as I cross.....not only as support, but to share in the accomplishment of completing my first marathon!

My fundraising page link is on the side of this page, and if you can...donate. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society supports patients and families through the journey. As cliche as it sounds, even $5 can make a difference. $5 is giving up a latte for a day, it could mean a huge impact on a patient. It could be gas to get to an appointment, or lunch for a parent while their child is having treatment.

I am really excited about this. There isn't a cause more dear to me, and the sense of pride I will have crossing that finish line is more than just accomplishment, but the pride that I AM saving the life of someone!

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Tom, Lynette, and family said...

You HAVE to do Seattle...Tom and I are playing paparazzi for everyone (that we know)...;)