Friday, January 8, 2010

Next Challenge

I wanted to do it, but mostly I was scared to. Sure, signing up for the half marathon was a hard decision, but that was mostly due to a financial commitment I would have to make. No, this was a bigger challenge. So what would be bigger than flying to Orlando and participating in my first half marathon? It was hitting the "SEND" button on the comment section on a fellow blogger's post. Why was it so hard you ask? It was a commitment. A HUGE commitment! Check out her blog at! My commitment is to run, walk (or crawl) 1,000 miles before January 1, 2011. I am accountable to someone besides myself now. I personally have not met Tall Mom (yet!) She is the friend of a fellow Coastie wife, and when I started running, my co-hort in Coastie Wife "crime" (before getting all hyped up, we are Co-Ombudsmens of our husbands' Unit) told me about Tall Mom's blog. I checked it out, and WOW! She is absolutely amazing! Aside from the part about being short (hence Tall Mom) and being athletically inept....she was in position last year. She is a working mom that started running last year and did her first half, then full marathon by July. Now she is a running fool! (And has an great following in the Blog world). But besides that, she is also an amazing person. I don't even know her and do not waiver in saying this. She is a true inspiration to those of us with fear of doing something new. My fear in signing up was not being up to the challenge, and letting those around me down by not completing it. Then I read this:

A little intimidated??
Break it down in simple Math

1,000/12 months in a year= 83.33 Miles per month

1,000/52 weeks in a year= 19.23 Miles per week

1,000/365 days in a year= 2.74 Miles per day


(Taken from Tall Mom on the Run)

So, how could I NOT sign up! I can handle it by looking at how it breaks down. So were am I now? 
January 1- 3.1 
January 2- 2.64
January 5- 5.5
January 8- 3.5
For a total of 14.74 miles, so just beginning I am 5 miles shy of the mileage I should be doing a week....but I also have two more days of the week with a 3-4 mile run tomorrow and a 6-7 mile run on Sunday. So I think I might be able to do this. WAIT, I WILL DO THIS. And what if I don't? I don't. Who do I let down? No one. Because if I don't do it, it means that there was a damn good reason not to. 

I do ask for encouragement.....what?!?!?! I am actually asking for my family and friends to check in on me with this challenge, encourage me.....push me.....especially when the motivation falls short or my mouth starts spewing out the excuses. Everyone has been great so far, and thank you all! (Especially my wonderful husband who is either with me on a run, or watching the Munchkin so I can). And thank you Tall Mom for your encouragement and the push you gave (that I needed) me to realize what I CAN do! 

On a completely other note, I did 3.5 miles at the gym today. The .5 was on the treadmill. The 3 was on the indoor track, that is very small. It takes 12 1/2 laps to make a mile. Well I always loose count ( is hard to count to 12, and remember what number you are on) so I thought it would be perfect to use Garmi (my new nickname for my Garmin...not too original, but I am trying it out for a bit). Weeeeeell, there were two small problems. One was the building couldn't keep a satellite signal. The second wasn't too bad. But the small track confused the little guy. He thought I ran 4.5 miles at a nice 6.5 min/mile. Yeah....not so much. I only ran 3 miles at a 10 1/2 min/mile pace. I also learned that I can't run commando. Yup, I said it. I tried today....didn't work. I was afraid my butt would be flashing for everyone to see, and well no one needs to see that. So for now, I will be on the conquest to find the perfect underwear to wear while running. 


Tom, Lynette, and family said... totally crack me up! Good luck on the challenge. I know you can do it! I'm not in this year...but next year...BRING IT ON:)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow that is about all I can say. I KNOW that you can do it and I am VERY sure that we will be meeting soon. Thanks for your positive words, it made my day..

Tricia said...

I went back and forth on signing up myself. Could I do it? Would I do it?

And then I realized...duh...I'd never know if I didn't try. :)

So I signed up.

And I'm training for a 1/2 as well.

EricaH said...

i too was a tad bit worried about signing up but already I am glad I did I have ran more these last couple weeks than I would have. Looking forward to following you, Yes We Can. Great mileage already, keep pushin :)