Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Where did the sunshine go? I generally do not mind running in rain, but today I was planning on doing 6 miles. Part of me wanted to just take a nap, but I started thinking about the reason that I am running in June. So I got my gear on and hit the road. Hills, my nemesis....well at least I will be prepared for them! I took off up Kelly Road with the rain starting to come down. So my course would be an out and back. It is a little over a mile straight up the hill, the turns right with intermittent hills for three quarters of a mile, then the road curves left and is downhill. I went about two miles and turned around. It felt so good going to this far and when I turned around I realized that I had to go back up the hill. So up the hill I went. My gloves were pretty wet so I took them off, big mistake. By the time I got home my hands were so cold I could no longer feel them! I was so happy that I was able to go 7 miles!

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Morgan said...

Great job getting out there and getting the run done... it won't go unnoticed, the running gods recognize these acts of selflessness on race day! ;)