Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is It Possible To Get A Speeding Ticket While Running?

I woke up this morning with a sharp ache in my left shoulder area. I am pretty sure that I have a second rib out of place again. When I had my massage the other day the massage therapist felt a rib in my right side was out. So now there are two out! Damn! It does not feel good. So all day I spent waxing and waning on whether to be going on a run or not, or taking a rest day and doing some yoga or pilates. Then I finally made the choice to put my running clothes on, which meant that I was a step closer to getting out the door. I turned on Garmi and my iPod and took off. It felt good, really good. I took a different route today, so I was not sure how far it would take me. I just did not feel like doing a lot of hills today. Garmi told me that for the two miles I did a 10.5 min mile. The way back I was at 11.5 min mile pace. Not too bad. The last half mile I just walked because it is a pretty steep hill.

While I was running through this neighborhood the posted speed was 5 mph. Which means that I was running faster than cars should be driving. So I began to wonder, could runners get speeding tickets? It gave me a few things to think about.

On another note....Dark Chocolate Almonds from Trader Joes, YUM! If you have not had them, they are so good. If you crave sweet and salt these are for you! They are dark chocolate covered almonds that have sea salt on them. So good!

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