Sunday, February 21, 2010

My New Running Buddy

One reason I wanted to lose weight was that I really wanted to be a good role model for my daughter. I wanted her to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. Last year we would run a little bit as a family and she did her Toddler Trot. She hadn't run since with me. Today I needed to run and she wanted to go to the park, so I compromised with running together. So I wasn't going for speed today. We went out and she was able to go for an entire mile! My mom was walking behind us, so we walked for a few minutes with her then I ran on my own for awhile. I would run ahead then come back to my mom and CB. It was fun. At one point CB yelled, "you are the best mommy, I love you!" What a great thing to hear! I ended up doing 2.52 miles today, not great but better than nothing!
My new running buddy

Keeping up with Mommy 

It is only two weeks until my Princess half marathon. I am getting excited, and my shin feels better. I rested and iced all weekend. Yippee!!! And my brother will be meeting me in Orlando, and I haven't seen him in a year. 

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Glad to hear that your shin is doing better and sounds like you'll do great at Disney! Good luck...