Friday, February 12, 2010

BIG News!!!!

A year ago today I was fed up. I could not take it anymore! I hated looking in the mirror and my clothes did not fit. I was wearing a size 16 almost 18. I did not like how I felt and I was ready to make a change. So I talked with my Nurse Practioner about the Medifast program and ordered. I was 216 pounds.

Well one year later, I am pleased to say that I am now 170 pounds. Which means I am one pound....yes, ONE pound away from my pre-pregnancy weight. So I am the thinnest I have been in five years! I now wear a size 10, heading down to an 8. And the most impressive numbers are that I have gotten rid of 39.75 inches! I feel great about my body, I have more energy and I do not mind seeing myself in pictures! And I am starting to get better at accepting compliments.

It has not been easy. I did not stay on the Medifast program, in fact I pretty much just use it for quick meals because of the high protein content. Other than that I just watch my portions, stick with high protein and drink lots of water. Running has also been such a huge part of this weight loss. I can not believe how much it has helped build my muscles and trim me down. I am happy with my progress, and it has been slow, but this is the best way. I have earned it and I am going to keep it off this time!

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