Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Inspiration comes in all forms. For me today the inspiration came from those that I am running for in June. I really didn't want to go running. I knew I would feel better afterwards, but it was raining and cold and my rib was hurting again (the darn thing keeps popping out). So I thought about the reasons why I am running, and who I am running for. They never had a choice when it came to treatment, and that was way worse than a run. So I got my running clothes on and got out there. So what inspires you?

It was the first time I had actually gone with what my training plan said, and it was a little hard after I got going. But with my rib and it getting dark I felt it best not to push it today. I did 35 minutes and a total of 2.78 miles. The hill is what does me in time wise! Tomorrow may be a treadmill day. YIKES!

Oh, and Friday....look for some BIG news. Or maybe little news....and NO, I am not pregnant.

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Morgan said...

Find inspiration where ever you can but get out there an DO IT!

One of my favorite quotes: You always regret the runs you missed but you never regret the ones you didn't!