Sunday, September 19, 2010


I have done 8 miles before, but no 8 miles have EVER meant as much as my 8 miles yesterday. "Mission Day," the day to reflect on WHY we run. After a minor surgical procedure put me out of commission most of the week, I put on my trusty Sauconys and pushed through it. It started off pretty well. But when the hills hit my abdomen started to hurt. (Probably why the Dr. told me to take a week off, then start slow.....oops!) The first aid station was 3 miles in, and I was just starting to hit my "groove." Two more miles and we were back to the aid station. Thinking in my head...."I can do this, I have to do this." The downhills were throwing me off, and my skin was all itchy from some steri-strips on my abdomen. I was in the homestretch, and there they were.

Each season we have "honored teammates." In addition you can have your own personal heroes. There were about 15 signs along the sidewalk of Honored Teammates of the past season, as well as our current season. Two blocks of heroes that have gone through Cancer. Two blocks of WHY I ran 8 miles. I had to stop a few moments because I was crying. (I don't like crying in front of others). Connections with Team in Training that I had through Doernbecher.

And I also got my re-commitment paperwork! YIPPEE!!! For some reason it solidifies my trip to Honolulu in December to run my 2nd Marathon! Next week we have a 12 miler planned. And once again the snooze button will sound very appealing in the dark rainy morning, but once again I will be out there running for a cure, one mile at a time.

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