Monday, September 13, 2010

True Warrior

Yesterday I competed in the MOST difficult event I have ever done. Sure I have a marathon....but give me 26.2 miles over this anyday! E, two girls from work (D and M) and I all participated in the Warrior Dash. If you have never heard of this before, check out what it takes to be a true warrior here. Before we started the race we could see others come through that had completed. They were covered in mud.

The start line sent us off with flames as we ran down a muddy trail and crossed over a creek where we got wet feet and had to get up a hill without falling (accomplished!). Then after running up a hill that makes Terwilliger Blvd look like a speed bump we got to the first obstacle. The course was hilly, muddy and a lot of fun. This is what obstacles we had to go through:
-going over 5 logs in a really cold lake
-scaling straw bales 6 bales high (and wet)
-climbing up and over a wooden platform
-climbing over 6 rusty demolished cards
-climbing a rope ladder
-crawling over a rope net
-a dark tunnel that was 30 feet long
-tire maze
-repelling down a ravine (on my butt!)
-jumping over flames
-crawling under barb wire in mud

The finish line was sliding down a mud slide into a pool of mud. It was awesome! After a dip in the "lake" to clean off we hit the turkey legs....YUM!

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