Sunday, November 7, 2010

Going the Distance

18.53 miles....and NO rain! The morning started very dark (it is true, it is always darkest before the dawn) and pretty chilly. But not too far in I was ripping my long sleeve shirt off and tying it around my waist. I can't wait until I get my sleeves this week! We started the team run at Grant HS again, and got to run through beautiful NE Portland.

Our first loop took us down to the Rose City Golf Course and down to 82nd (and beyond). On the way back T, K and I hit up the golf course restroom. (Thank goodness for Bill who directed us to the rest room, where we could catch some tv and actually take a rest.) Then back up a very steep hill. Beautiful trees and some crisp air took us back up and something to talk about. There are some gorgeous houses and the trees were all turning. Unfortunately, there were also LOTS of wet leaf piles. I have a little fear of those piles....never know what is going to pop up out of them! Gummy bears waited for us at the aide station back at the HS (gotta love TNT gummy bears!!!)

The next loop took us up to Lloyd Center. Gotta love when you can smell some special "weeds" while you are running outside and about 100 feet from the doors and windows of the house. We also ran into lots of people blowing the leaves from their front yard (I wonder at this time, what is the point?) Note, I hate inhaling nasty smells while running (and yes, this includes food!) Owie was a word heard quite often! Once back to the aide station we only have 6 miles left! YEAH.

Then came the hard part of the run. Going up 33rd to Skidmore. YIKES. Pretty big hills, and Garmi wasn't turned back on. So we had to go with K.'s distance! The hill was killer, and I was getting wiped. It was about this time that T. started singing to us. We went through a few songs and even had a group sing. If anything we were going to be able to laugh about it! Back at Grant we made an executive decision to finish up the run around the track, we really didn't want to hit anymore hills. So around we went, and T rocked it by completing 2 more laps than K and I.

A busy week ahead, and a strong 15 miler this weekend! Only 33 days left until we run along the coast of Honolulu. And then pedicures and cold, fruity drinks! I love running :)

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