Saturday, October 2, 2010

D is for....

Giving a shout out to my teammates T. and K. for being awesome running buddies today! We completely 15.45 miles (or 16.3 miles by K.'s watch) in 3 hours and 1 minute. We had our team run in my "neighborhood" or The Couv to those that know the area. It was beautiful most of the way, the course not the weather. The weather was PERFECT!! We ran along the Columbia River and through the Vancouver Barracks (as well as Downtown Vancouver).

Along the last 2 miles we hit the "lettered" streets and had to go to Z Street after being on C Street. So we began the "D is for...." through the alphabet. We got to J. The conversation was fun and K. did awesome! It was the farthest distance she has run, and she rocked it like a rockstar! I can't wait to run with these girls in Honolulu and enjoy a great big Mai Tai on the beach after the marathon.

Despite the ice bath, salt and ibuprofen I still feel like crap tonight. My body hurts and I am exhausted. Hoping to be better by tomorrow. I am thinking of a little yoga or pilates to loosening up the muscles.

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