Saturday, November 7, 2009


Really? Another week? I have to wait another week? I am so impatient! My steri-strips (the little pieces of tape over the incision) came off today. There was only a little help from me ;) (Really....they were falling off on their own!) The incision looks AMAZING! But I still can't run.

Stress has been mounting. If you can picture a tea pot right before it starts whistling, that is me. Not having an outlet has made it very difficult to get through it. Hence the additional amount of chocolate I have consumed (and Skittles). Friday can not come fast enough, I am pretty sure that when I go to my follow-up appointment with Dr. Gray I will have my running gear in the car.

Retail therapy usually helps. This past week was no exceptions. I bought a new pair of running shoes, Mizuno Wave Creation 10s. They are pretty comfortable with my orthotic in them, and they are pink! I have one problem that has popped up recently (almost literally!) There is a "bump" on the top of my left foot. It can be one of three things. The first is that it could be a bone spur. Ick....not a great option. Would probably require some shaving and time off from work (and running) neither which I want to do. The second is that it is a part of the hardware from the bunionectomy I had three years ago. This would be the easiest to take care of, a quick operation to remove the screws and plate. Nothing too exciting or fun. Talking with one of the surgeons I work with said it would be minimal recovery time (in my head a weekend). Third.....some freak who knows what alien growth. Not an option I like. So what am I going to do? Wait until after the Princess Half Marathon or it kills me, whichever comes first. I don't want anymore setbacks right now. I need the release that exercise gives me.

We got our airline tickets and our hotel booked for Orlando!!! I am so excited. We booked our hotel at the Marriott Horizons Resort, and all the resorts sound fabulous and very kid friendly. I can't wait to surprise CB. I can't wait to see her run in the kids' races too. Eric asked if there was a Prince or King race....I told him no, I think he is a little upset. Makes me want to do a 5K the day before with him (there is a family 5K on Saturday). idea. It is only 3 miles, by then I should be able to handle that!

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