Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Is it lack of motivation? Lack of desire? Lack of ability? Am I exhausted? What is wrong with me! Eric and I went to the indoor track at the gym last night and it was painful. I just couldn't do it! I did about two laps at a time (and it takes 13 to make a mile!) before I would have to walk two laps. I just didn't have any umph behind me. I WANT to run....but when I am doing it, I just don't feel it. Hmmmm..... I got the okay to run on Friday from the plastic surgeon, and tried at the gym with no luck on treadmill. Maybe I am putting too much pressure on myself?

Turkey Trot is next weekend. Four chilly miles up at the Oregon Zoo Thanksgiving morning. Let's hope by then some inner desire comes back out.

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Tom, Lynette, and family said...

It'll come Micki...I'm going through something similar. I decided a break, or change is in order. So I'm starting a new exercise routine and will start running again in a few weeks when I get new shoes. Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!