Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Officially I Am Dopey!

What an experience. Disney has never disappointed, and this was no exception. Every time I do a Disney race I come back with what I would do differently the next time. I think this time it is to never do this challenge again. Been there, done that, got the medals and have no desire to do again! It isn't that it was horrible, and I value the experience but the downfalls are more than I really care to enjoy. It was a tough challenge....physically, mentally and at time emotionally. I would also not take a red eye, but take a day off before and after the race. I am EXHAUSTED.

Last Tuesday night I boarded a flight to go from Portland to Seattle, then Seattle to Dallas/Ft. Worth, then Dallas/ Ft. Worth to Orlando. The worst flights....EVER. I basically got NO sleep, no room in my seat and at one point opened my eyes to have a man's butt in my face. From the airport I jumped in the rental car and hit the Expo. I never truly get to enjoy the Expo because there is usually a little redhead that has no desire to be there. This time I had all the time in the world. So I picked up my packet and realized, this is real. And as I was signing away, the woman next to me had a look of panic on her face. The volunteers asked what was wrong, her reply "I apologize for my non-Disney language, but this shit just got real." Yes it did, oh yes it did. Then I picked up a few additional pins for my lanyard. In addition to the race pins, I got the pin version of the medals. Of course at a Disney race, the "I Did It" t-shirts go fast, so I had to find one. I finally found where they were selling them, and low and behold there were only like 15 left in my size....and the Expo had been open for only 2 hours! So although I feel it to be a seriously bad omen, I bought mine. I really hate doing that. My pet peeve is those that wear the "I Did It" shirt during the race. To me it seems a little preemptive! Then to the hotel to check in, and maybe a nap. But I had scheduled a massage (it was my birthday). So I found the spa and enjoyed 2 hours of bliss (and pain). My running buddy was getting in just about the time I finished, so I met her back at the Expo. A quick run through and then we found some dinner. I didn't want to stay up too late, as we had an early 5k in the morning. But of course when I got back to my hotel I couldn't sleep. So I turned on the Weather Channel and found a cool show about the human body and high temperatures. What was cool was that they featured Scott Jurek, and amazing ultra runner, and apparently immune to heat!

Thursday morning came too quick, I met Tryna and we listened to music to warm up. We saw a lot of great costumes and some crazy ones. Soon it was time to take off. The 5k is generally pretty laid back, with a lot of families. It goes through Epcot and there are characters all along the way. It took us about 48 minutes to finish the 3.1 miles, but we took our time and took some pictures. After the race, Tryna went back to her family and I hit the race retreat. Time for some food! And in the tent I found Coach Joe. (He coached TNT for me when I did the Portland Half and he is also the Captain of Team Will Power for Hood to Coast). We chatted and shared stories. I got my picture taken with the Monsters University characters. I wonder if they wear nose plugs when doing these events. I spent most of the day catching up on sleep. I thought it would be just a few hours, turned into 8. Then it was time to go to the Pasta in the Park at Epcot. Got my picture taken with Mickey and Minnie, Dopey and Goofy and Donald. The food was pretty good too. Then I thought maybe since I was in Epcot I could sneak on a ride. But nothing sounded fun, so I found the Cro-nut instead. What is this you ask? A party in your mouth! A croissant that is fried and sprinkled like a donut. It was AMAZING!!! So I went back to the hotel and prepared for the 10k the next morning and went back to sleep.

 Should I be worried? A random wheelchair
Coach Joe and Me....an inspiration!

5k....Dopey Day 1, COMPLETE!

Mile 3

Mary Poppins
Mile 2

We found Dopey....and a random runner!

No good at the long arm selfie :)

My running buddy Tryna and Me at the start!

To be continued....

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