Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 2

Early mornings and me, we don't get along. Add in a three hour time difference and well I am not a happy camper. But, I was at the Happiest Place on Earth, so I decided that I should not be too upset. Getting up at 3:30 am was not ideal, but I had to so that I could make it to the Inaugural Minnie Mouse 10k. There is something about running an inaugural race, being in the first group of people to run a race is somewhat exciting.

Sporting a Minnie inspired running outfit, we started the 10k in the dark (again) on a little different course since we were adding another 3.1 miles. We started through Epcot again, and then took a little side tour to the Boardwalk. The ground was a little slick from the rain storm that came through the night before. As the sun came up the park looked beautiful. After the Boardwalk we came back into Epcot. I was really wishing that the stand that had the Cro-nut was open, because it was THAT good. Of all the races, the 10k seemed to go the quickest. I don't particularly like the 10k distance.

So when we finally saw the finish line we were pretty excited. When we finished this race we were now halfway through the race days. Of course we were no where near the halfway point of the mileage (that wouldn't happen until 2 miles into the marathon. We crossed the finish line with smile on our faces, and earned our second medal of the challenge, the Inaugural Minnie medal!

After a nap, the excitement began! My youngest brother, Matt was coming to see me from Fort Lauderdale.                This was the first time I have had time with just the two of us in a really long time. Our first stop was to pick up my packet for the Piggy Challenge, eating bacon on the marathon course at mile 24. We originally thought it was going to be on the course so we picked real bacon, but later we found out that we picked up our bacon at pick up, so I got some gummy bacon. More on that later. Matt and I then headed over Downtown Disney. We ordered a drink, and the woman couldn't get them to ring up, so it came as a surprise when our drinks were free! I needed to find a special present for CB. The lucky girl got two new Disney charms, a Frozen pin for her lanyard and a Merida doll. 

While walking in a store, Matt saw a "fill the bag for $6.95" and sure enough, in Matt fashion, he "filled" the bag. He found the sweetest grandma type woman to check out in, and put his magnets on the counter and said "I filled the bag" and she laughed. But she let it go anyway. This is what his idea of "fill the bag is."

Then it was time for dinner. The benefit of being off Disney property is that there is a lot more variety in food and it costs less! So we both had a great dinner at Bahama Breeze. I needed to carbo load, the half marathon was the next day. But no bed before a little dessert.
Note: black dye in frosting will turn poop into a grass green color. 

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