Thursday, December 2, 2010


One thing I love about Team in Training (ok, there ALOT of things I love about them!) is that we know how to throw a great send-off party. This is when we get ALL the details of our trip, our race jersey and our tickets for the Inspiration Dinner and Victory Party. Almost the entire team was there, and it was great to see everyone in "real" people clothes. (I stole this pic from Tryna....thanks girl!)

(These are our AMAZING coaches....Janeen, Kevin and Ellen. We are bummed that Janeen and Kevin won't be joining us in Honolulu, but I am sure they will be entertained by the texts, photos, videos and other great messages they will receive while we are on the trip. Ellen will be our "official" coach with TNT and Erin will be our staff. )

We heard how great (and tough) the course will be. How crappy scenic it will be to climb Diamond Head at mile 23, but is all downhill from there. The temperature will be a feels like I am in hell warm (roughly) 80 degrees. Other interesting facts about this race that there is about 80% Japanese "running" the marathon. This is because in Japan if you complete a marathon you get a decreased insurance rate. In Japan you need to qualify to run in a marathon, so they come to Honolulu. We were told not to be surprised to see people smoking while running, some having picnics in the middle of the course and some creative costumes.

The course has had sponges to "wipe down" with along the course, unless I am severely desperate I think I will pass. Apparently they reuse them. (Note to self: do not drink from the sponge!) I can only imagine where some of those sponges have been used. Ewww. I am hoping they will have runner tracking. (It makes it easier than texting through out the course.)

After all of the details and most people were leaving, our great hosts Kevin and his wife Becky showed off the fabulous bling collection. After seeing the medal for Ragnar, I am about 85% sure I am going to do it this year! Their medal collection is great, and inspiring!

Only 7 1/2 more days until I get on the plane. I am still not sure how I will deal with my anxiety through the flight (I HATE flying!). Kristy and Tryna promised they would make sure I get off the plane though. The excitement is building though, and I can't wait to hit the pavement with my teammates!

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