Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Tomorrow is the 7th anniversary of the day I married my best friend! My parents took CB for the weekend so the two of us could have a little staycation. We spent the morning at Skamania Lodge in the Columbia Gorge. They have the most AMAZING Sunday Champagne Brunch.

After a superman like change, we went for a hike up Beacon Rock. It was described as a .9 mile out and back that was rated as easy to moderate. It was beautiful, and the views were breathtaking.
Before the hike
There were so many things to see as we got closer to the top. The trail was unbelievable, and we later found out that it was built by only two men, in 1916!
At the top! 360 degree view of the Columbia Gorge

 The view from the top was gorgeous. It makes me feel so lucky that we are able to live so close to such beauty! After a few pictures, we started down the trail. Going down seemed to take more time than going up. The both of us were hot and sweaty by the time we were done. 

At the end of the trail

Apparently the two of us still had some energy so we went to another park just a few miles down the road that we could see from our hike. There we went on another walk that went along the Columbia River. After we finished we figured we should probably get out of the sun since we were probably both going to get some burn. (Which I am as pink as my tank top now :( ) But just to see how high Beacon Rock was, here is the view from down the road.

Another great adventure! I can't wait to enjoy more hikes like this one. Happy 7th Anniversary sweetheart!

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