Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 1....Succcess!

After a lack of running for two weeks, and continuing to eat the way I did a month ago it was time to face the music. I had put on about 10 pounds. Sure, people put on weight but I knew I was heading down a path I didn't want to return to. Today I put a stop to it. I know the way it works....calories consumed < calories expended = weight lost. I am not looking for a quick fix, they don't work. My problem comes with not spending the time to figure out what my body wants/needs and then something that fits into my schedule. So I am trying Herbalife for my breakfasts and occasionally lunches. A co-worker is a distributor, and I have been trying it on and off for a few weeks. The shakes have done an amazing job at giving me the nutritional needs I need and keeps me full.

So today was day 1 of hitting it hard for a jumpstart of ridding my body of sugar cravings. It is almost 10 pm and I can say that today was a success! Dinner was great! Shrimp (I had 23 grams of protein in 11 shrimp!), asparagus and salad. Logging everything I eat was helpful to see what my downfalls are (SUGAR) and it made me think twice about having those chocolate chips tonight. I did however do a little water overload. I didn't know it was possible, but I drank over 6 liters of water. Gotta watch that, don't want to overdo the bathroom trips really cramp my style!

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