Monday, October 17, 2011

What Was I Thinking?

Chocolate, Firemen and massages. That was what I was thinking about, not the fact that to get those I needed to run 13.1 miles. Sure, not such a big task....IF I didn't just run a half marathon the previous weekend. Here is the recap.....

-Seeing CB, E and my great parents chilling in the Farmer's Market just after the start of the race. I love them!
-Good-bye First Run t-shirt, you gave me some good warmth but it was time to part. Hopefully you will keep someone who needs it, warm.
-Saying "hi" to a co-worker and a high school friend
-Looking down at Garmi and seeing that I was about 5 minutes ahead of my "virtual partner" at mile 3
-Getting to run a block with my munchkin soon after that

-A beautiful out and back through Marine Park, then fearing someone was going to get run over by a very slow moving black SUV...maybe it was the Secret Service
-Again running with CB and her "taking" the goblins beginning to irritate my hamstring by sprinkling me with "fairy dust"
-kissing my husband and getting hugs from my parents

-Mile 9.....Welcome to Hell, I am still headed for a PR and about 2 minutes ahead of my "VP"
-Watching my "VP" begin to get ahead of me, and knowing my PR was not going to happen.
-Enjoying the beauty of Fort Vancouver Barracks
-Chocolate Outrage GU is actually really good, the only thing missing was a bowl of ice cream and sprinkles
-The Fred Meyer hill.....not sure I am going to make it
-Mile 11, I want to quit. My husband sending me some texts of encouragement. My calf feels like it is a rock, and hurts with every strike of the pavement
-12 miles in, I don't even want to finish. I needed something to keep me going. Names of those I run for start spilling out of my mouth....repetitively. I am sure that Clark County Sheriff Officer thought I was going crazy, but they pulled me through!
-12.5 miles, my little munchkin joins me and I start crying. She sprinkles me with more "fairy dust" to chase those leg goblins away.
-The looks of pity from volunteers as I part run/part hobble the last block of the race
-Seeing my mom, forcing a smile as I cross the finish line.
(No this isn't lady to collapse at finish line and have the firemen rush to her!) 
-Hearing my name called, getting my necklace from the fireman and seeing E as I burst into tears of pain. Another fireman asked if I was ok.....apparently when I am in pain, not even a fireman can make me feel better, only my husband and my baby girl
-Letting E help me stretch my calf and hamstring (through the pain)
-Deciding I didn't want massage or chocolate because I was hurting so bad.

Don't get me wrong, I hurt, I was in pain, I doubted myself the last 3 miles but I am glad I stuck with it. My finisher's necklace is beautiful, and the pride of finishing despite the challenges made the run worth it. I showed my daughter that pain is only temporary, but knowing you can do something some doubt you can do is forever. And darn those pesky goblins :)