Monday, October 10, 2011

Portland Half Marathon Recap

It was a rough season. Training was a pain in the butt (literally AND figuratively!) I went from training for the Portland Marathon and in July I had to gut check and change to the half marathon. It was a good decision for me, even if it was extremely difficult. With all the aches and pains I endured, I had lost the joy of running. In an odd twist, last weeks Grey's Anatomy (my favorite show!) and Alex had lost his "joy" of surgery. Running had been "work" and I wasn't having any joy with it. Sunday it all changed. The joy returned. Of course, it didn't return without some pain, but it is back.

So here is my recap from an AMAZING race.
-Waking up at 3:30 am, enough time to eat what I thought was a fulfilling meal. Only to discover at mile 3 I was ravishing! And then discovering my iPod wasn't charged.
-Bathroom lines, bathroom lines, bathroom lines. What is it about every runner's bladder deciding it is full, even if there is only 3 drops of urine in it?!?!
-Seeing "the fat lady sing" BEFORE we hit the start line.
-Running up Barbur Blvd to see our beautiful (and fabulous) captains Wendy and Tyler.  Then to turn onto Naito, be looking down then getting freaked out by Tyler in my face screaming "GO MICKI!" (I almost peed she scared me so bad!)
-Experiencing some ravishing hunger at about the same time, sending my mom a text message telling her I needed a PB and J.
-Finally.....mile 5, seeing mom, dad, CB and Tanya....with a PB and J.
-Hoping off the course to shovel the best PB and J sandwich in my mouth, and wash it down with some Starbucks
-Mile 8...passing the Team in Training Aid Station. What a GREAT group of supporters! Seeing so many past, present and (hopefully) future TNT team mates.
-Coach Karl jumping to run a few minutes and to catch up.  (I miss him!)
-Coming to the turn around, and hearing "It's Raining Men" on the sounds system. I almost broke out into a full on Just Dance dance routine.
-mile 10.5 brought the pain. My hamstring started yelling, and was getting really ticked at me. But I was way to close to let it bring me down.
-Mile 11...seeing Coach Kevin, and trying to keep a smile on my face while I just wanted to crawl under the rocks on the side of the road.
-Mile 12....seeing Captain Wendy again, and passing Captain Tyler and Marianne. 3 beautiful running women. Each one of them can take some personal pride in knowing that they have brought me to where I am.
-Passing the Portland Fire Station with a man that can only be described as doing a pole dance, on a water fountain ( a new reason NOT to use the drinking fountains in Downtown Portland!)
-Mile 13....seeing my dad and CB holding signs, and pulling CB onto the course to finish the race with me. I couldn't have done it without her.
- Crossing the finish line, with my daughter....and looking down to see her eating an Oreo. Where the heck did she get that! They almost gave her a finisher's medal, and despite thinking it would have been awesome to have it, turning it down.
-Watching each and everyone of my AMAZING Team in Training team mates give their best and kicking asphalt to beat cancer!


Morgan said...

Sounds like you had a great race girl with a lot of support! Love that you grabbed your daughter at the finish! Congrats!

Tricia said...