Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Could Be Quite A Year!

Last year I didn't think I would be running a marathon in 2010....In fact, I ran two! In addition to that I ran 3 half marathons and only a few scattered 5 and 10k's. While training I ran (and sometimes walked) over 1,000 miles! So what do aspire to in 2011? I am leaning towards doing a triathalon. My skills in swimming though are, well how do I say, suck. In fact, they are nearly non-existent. I will be the one out there with a life jacket screaming on the shore that the water is scaring me. Ok, maybe not THAT bad.

Due to walking like a weeble for a week after the marathon, I threw my back out. So badly in fact that my right side is about 1-2 inches longer than my left. I have bought myself a few weeks in physical therapy (again) to help strengthen me back up. And whether it is a blessing or a curse, I was told not to run until it is feeling better. My hope is to last long enough that it feels amazing to be back on my feet and not rough and crappy. Corrine (my PT) is now helping me get the back strong and help out that piriformis. She has also brought me from about 80% to about 97% sure that I am going to get my bunion taken care of on my right foot. Apparently this can be throwing everything out of whack and causing the additional pain. What is the problem? There are a few....

1st- I can actually remember the horrific pain I was in after having my left foot done. Imagine if an elephant stepped on your big toe, while you were in labor with no anesthetic and multiple that by 1000. I WISH I was exaggerating. It was literally the WORST pain I have ever been in.
2nd- the surgeon I want to use in being deployed with the Army. Hello, doesn't he realize I have a life altering decision to make here!!!
3rd- It requires at least 3 months off my feet. Which means no running :( Plus unless I find a good no foot involved exercise method, no exercise. Unfortunately, my jeans can not handle my butt getting that big!

Tough choices. The upside....no work for 3 months. (Oh yeah....no paycheck either) And this time I won't be chasing after a 1 year old through recovery. But my toes might look a lot cuter in those open toed shoes this summer!


Eryn said...

Hi there! I just saw your link off Tall Mom's list, and I live in Vancouver! I thought I'd pop over and say hi to a local blogger :) congrats on hitting 1000 miles in 2010, I'm heading for it in 2011 along with another half marathon and a full marathon in October!

Oulman Family said...

Mick - I know a couple of great surgeons who do bunions all the time and they also do popliteal blocks sometimes which will get you through the forst 24 hrs. a little easier. Let me know if you need names/ phone #s for them! - Erica