Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Race For The Cure

A little late in posting this, but better late than never! On Sunday Clair, my mom, Tanya and I walked the 5k Race for the Cure along with about 30 thousand other men, women and children in search for a cure for breast cancer. We walked in memory of Eric's grandma Christine, a family friend's sister Carol, and a former nursing professor Lois. We also walked celebrating my friend Lynette's grandma and my friend Meg's grandma! It was such an amazing experience. As we crossed the finish line the announcer said that this was the 3rd largest race IN THE WORLD!!!! Way to go Portland! I was a little disappointed because I was really looking forward to the 5k run. Due to the stitches in my leg, I couldn't though.

At the health expo, the Portland Runners Club was there. They were promoting the Turkey Trot. It is a run at the zoo on Thanksgiving. I think I am going to sign up! Plus there is a Toddler Trot, a half mile run for kiddos, perfect for Clair! Eugene has a marathon scheduled in May. I am looking towards that. I can't wait for this leg to heal up so I can head out and run again!

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Tom, Lynette, and family said...

I love you Micki...thanks for thinking of my grandma. She's doing much better BTW. Had a lung infection on top of everything else, but they finally figured it out:)